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State of Our Nation's Bridges


Report Says US Lagging in Infrastructure Spending

Kerry Pushes Infrastructure Spending During Boston Stop

Fox's Gary B. Smith Calls For Privatization Of Federal Roads

Building a 21st Century Infrastructure

Putting America Back on Track with Infrastructure

“The U.S. stands to suffer tremendous economic hardship as a result of its crumbling infrastructure. Countries remain competitive, in part, by maintaining adequate or superior infrastructure that serves as a medium for commerce. Consider the economic impact of the collapse of the I-35W on Minneapolis.”

State Of The Union 2011: INFRASTRUCTURE

“We will put more Americans to work repairing crumbling roads and bridges,” Obama said. “We will make sure this is fully paid for, attract private investment and pick projects based on what’s best for the economy, not politicians.”

Obama Pitches Highway Infrastructure Spending

Obama State Of The Union 2011

"In his State of the Union address, President Obama laid out an expansive blueprint for how the United States can “outbuild” other nations and so expand-- and strengthen-- its economy well beyond the ongoing recovery from the Great Recession."

U.S. Chamber Praises Obama's Call For Infrastructure Spending

U.S. Chamber

"Public and private investment in the economic foundation of the United States is critical for our long-term economic prosperity. The Chamber's focus is on jobs. Long-term jobs that grow where infrastructure is strong. Countries that aspire to compete with the United States know that. It's why they are building transportation, energy, telecommunications and water infrastructure systems to support their economies."

Rodman: We Haven’t Invested in Buried Infrastructure


"A lot of the infrastructure that we depend upon for energy and water is buried and really out of sight. And so there is really no emphasis to replace that. And that's where the challenge will be in the long run: for the U.S. to be competitive in the global marketplace, we absolutely need to make continued investment in that infrastructure even though you don't necessarily see it on a day-to-day basis."
-Len Rodman

The State of Infrastructure

State of Infrastructure

"The state of American infrastructure is not great and it's not getting much better. There's a lot more that we need to do in the coming weeks and months ahead and I think with more investments and more excitement about improving our infrastructure, we can make what we have today a lot better for the future."
-Sean O'Shea

Recovery In Sight


"While the economy is still facing headwinds, the stage is being set for construction to see modest improvement in 2011 from this year's very weak activity," said Robert Murray, vice president of economic affairs at McGraw-Hill Construction"

Federal Spending on Infrastructure

Federal Infrastructure Investing

Heather Boushey talks about President Obama’s proposed infrastructure spending plan outlined in his State of The Union address, and the impact infrastructure spending could have on the economy.

Could Infrastructure Spending Save the Economy?

Ifrastructure Spending

Mayor Michael Bloomberg addresses a Georgetown audience on the state of the American economic crisis, the steps that should be taken and the steps that have not yet been taken. He characterizes federal responses to date as being akin to "buying an alcoholic a drink."

Rosenberg: Opportunities Abound in Infrastructure

Morningstar Interview

"These are unique allocation benefits to owning infrastructure companies and many look very attractively valued"
- First American Global Infrastructure Fund manager Jay Rosenberg.

Bridges Not Bombs: Finding $300 Billion for Infrastructure

Bridges Not Bombs

"Water and money need to be better connected in the United States. While water is facing greater challenges than ever before in terms of infrastructure renewal, growing scarcity, and changing demographics, the money is not there to seize the opportunity."
-Edward G. Rendell at the American Water Summit 2010

America's Failing Infrastructure

CBS Report

The American Society of Civil Engineers issues a report card every 4 years on the state of America's infrastructure. In the last two report cards, the nation got a D. Richard Schlesinger continues the series "CBS Reports: Where America Stands" with the state of America's infrastructure.

Obama to Push New Spending

“President Barack Obama will call for new government spending on infrastructure, education and research in his State of the Union address Tuesday, sharpening his response to Republicans in Congress who are demanding deep budget cuts, people familiar with the speech said.”

The Crumbling of America

“Right now, the U.S. infrastructure is collapsing and it impacts every single person in this country. In the first half of the 20th century, our bridges, highways, tunnels, dams, levees, ports, water and gas pipelines were built during the greatest age of construction the world had ever seen.”

2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers released this report card for 2009, which gives America's infrastructure an overall GPA of "D" and recommends a 5-year investment of $2.2 trillion to remedy this problem.

The 10 Pieces of U.S. Infrastructure We Must Fix Now

“No one can predict what bridge, levee or water main will fail next. But some problems are widely known, and work is long overdue. As PM's new special report makes starkly clear, we need to begin rebuilding the nation's infrastructure somewhere. Here are 10 great places to start.”

Infrastructure Projects Key to U.S. & Global Economic Growth and Recovery

“Global Infrastructure Demand to Total $24 Trillion in the Next 20 Years. 2030 Infrastructure Report to be Released Among Gathering of the Top 100 Global Infrastructure Projects at the 4th Annual Global Leadership Forum WASHINGTON.”

After I-15 work, freeway to Phoenix will become focus

“Once the Nevada Department of Transportation completes its work on the widening of Interstate 15 from Blue Diamond Road south, Southern Nevada’s most important tourism conduit will be done in Nevada and leaders can turn their attention to other pressing transportation needs, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority was told today.”

Rebuilding America Special Report: How to Fix U.S. Infrastructure

“American infrastructure is in trouble, from collapsed bridges to leaking dams. In a yearlong investigation, Popular Mechanics uncovered the fresh ideas, smart engineering and new technology we need to fix it. Here's the plan.”

Proposed California-Nevada "MagLev" Train

The California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project is an effort to link major travel destinations in Southern California and Nevada with a super-speed, magnetically levitated (maglev) ground transportation system. There is no other high-speed form of transportation that is safer, more comfortable, more reliable, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than Maglev. Additionally, maglev within this corridor can be constructed within the same cost-per-mile as European style high-speed rail according to the range published by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

Schwarzenegger: US Infrastructure "Like a Developing Country"

“America's infrastructure is in grave disrepair. Analysts have determined that one-third of the nation's roads are in poor or mediocre condition, and the Federal Highway Administration recently estimated that one out of every four bridges is either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Every infrastructure sector, from rail, air and seaways, to water supply, sewage and irrigation, to energy pipelines and the electric grid, are in need of significant capital. ”

Ivanpah Valley Airport

“Due to the tremendous growth of the Las Vegas area in recent years, Clark County has planned the construction of a new international airport, called the Ivanpah Valley Airport, thirty miles south of Las Vegas between Jean and Primm. The airport currently serving the Las Vegas area, McCarran International Airport, is one of the busiest in the United States. Over fifty million passengers a year pass through its gates, serving both visitors and Southern Nevada residents alike. It has only limited space left for expansion. The Las Vegas area is expected to add over 30,000 new hotel rooms over the next four to five years. This additional influx of visitors and growth of the area require increased airport capacity.”

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